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Audible Traces. Gender, Identity and Music


edited by Elaine Barkin and Lydia Hamessley


In recent years, new fields of inquiry in music have blossomed, some more controversial and inflammatory than others, some overtly veering from the traditional affairs of the Academy. Among the variety of questions raised are those that explore the differences between "who we are," "what we do," and "how/what we experience." Such inquiry reflects our desire to discover the ways in which we identify with our music and the ways in which the music we make, listen to, and talk about identifies us. Going beyond singular investigations of history, theory, gender, race, or culture, the contributors to Audible Traces complicate matters. They examine the ways that our supposed self-identity – gender, race, sexuality, sexual orientation, and ethnicity – intersects with our activities and our experiences. Their concerns also include dance, technology, societal forces, cognitive studies, poetry, fashion, sensory inputs, and politics. In a mosaic of approaches and viewpoints composers, musicologists, performers, ethnomusicologists, theorists of music and of literature, suggest and reveal traces of the ways that these complex matrices of identity affect us during the compositional, listening, or performing experience.

The range of composers, performers, and genres includes:
Joan Armatrading, Alban Berg, George Bizet, Blues, Francesca Caccini, Irene Castle, Chinese Opera, Rebecca Clarke, John Coltrane, Dance, Disco, Jimi Hendrix, Indigo Girls,
Candye Kane, Gustav Mahler, Opera, Pauline Oliveros, Punk, Riot Grrls, Eddie Vedder, Richard Wagner, The Weather Girls

In the forum Composing Women
Mara Helmuth, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Susan Parenti, Mary Lee Roberts, Anna Rubin, Vivian Adelberg Rudow, Carla Scaletti, Catherine Schieve.

Suzanne G. Cusick, Martha Mockus, Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Ellie Hisama, Peter Rabinowitz, Su Zheng, Susan Cook, Mitchell Morris, Judy Lochhead, Renee Coulombe, Elaine Barkin, Benjamin Boretz.

Audible Traces is a collection for creative artists, scholars, and for students of music and gender studies to become acquainted with the remarkable varieties of thinking about the ways in which our own histories can and do affect the ways in which we experience music.
Printed on acid-free paper, the book contains 388 pages with 13 illustrations and 20 music examples. The collection also includes a CD of a performance of Benjamin Boretz's "music / consciousness / gender."

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Softcover: $ 39, £ 24, Euro 37, CHF 58 (ISBN 3-905323-01-X)

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